Social Enterprise

Brigette Rouson is a life strategist, visionary and spiritually based activist. For more than 25 years, she has worked to create liberation and healing through social ventures. Brigette is part of the trio that conceived the “Change Your Life Anyway!” Virtual Telesummit.

She focuses on building personal and public will for a world where all people have the resources and opportunities to lead healthy lives. An attorney and author, Brigette brings experience from six careers; her current work includes consulting to public interest organizations, teaching, action research, writing, and advocacy.

In creating a new life path beyond a marriage of 21 years – and marrying anew — Brigette revitalized her commitment to intimate partnering, motherhood, extended family, and collective well being. She continually focuses on seeking justice for all people — women, people of color, youth, and other groups – in support of a vibrant, just society and sustainable planet. Her signature approach is connecting inner transformation to social change.

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