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Meet the Founder

BACKGROUND – Consultant and Trainer

Brigette Rouson, Principal, Rouson Associates, brings over 25 years’ experience building nonprofit effectiveness toward a just society. Her practice includes strategic planning, governance and other leadership development, facilitation, training and action research. She has been part of the design and implementation of numerous capacity-building initiatives for organizations and for grantmakers.She is part of the RoadMap collaborative, www.roadmapconsulting.org, focused on strengthening national and regional social justice organizations. In addition to independent consulting, she works as a Senior Consultant through Maryland Nonprofits.

Formerly with Alliance for Nonprofit Management, she served as program director for the 1,000-membership organization, and played a pivotal role in developing professional standards for capacity building professionals in the nonprofit sector. As part of her Alliance work, she co-authored and served as project manager for the book Embracing Cultural Competency (2009), www.fieldstonealliance.org and led a group that created principles for building cultural competency in advocacy.

Brigette has provided capacity-building services to more than 250 nonprofits while working in her independent practice and previously on the senior staff at Mosaica: The Center for Nonprofit Development and Pluralism; Management Assistance Group; and Maryland Nonprofits. Earlier, she directed a $4 million grantmaking collaborative at the Ms. Foundation for Women to support youth leadership.
Brigette has worked with numerous organizations in philanthropy, government, and nonprofits at the local, regional, national and international levels. Her client work includes repeat engagements for numerous groups. She has presented at conferences such as Alliance for Nonprofit Management, Community Investment Network, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, and Grantmakers in Health. She is trained in methods such as coaching and results-based accountability, and cultivated her own leadership by way of Shannon Institute, Stone House, and Vallecitos.

Her community leadership includes: Diverse City Fund (www.diversecityfund.org) - founding Board member, grantmaking team, fundraising team; and in her faith community - Board of Social Action and youth director. She has taught at universities in Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA. Brigette is a graduate of Howard University (B.A.), Georgetown University (J.D.), and University of Pennsylvania (M.A.) where she completed all coursework toward a Ph.D. in communications and culture.


Strategic Planning
Set a clear and compelling vision and strategic framework -- mission, core strategy, goals, objectives, implementation plans – and the people, practices, and processes to realize maximum impact.

Nonprofit Governance/Board Development
Achieve effective leadership and stewardship through the Board and other governance activities—with the best recruitment/rotation, distinction of responsibilities, energetic involvement in fundraising, smart fiscal oversight, valuable direction-setting for programs and structure.

Fundraising Strategy Development & Engagement
Experience the joy of attracting genuine commitment, bringing everyone’s talents to the table, diversifying your funding base, increasing sustainability and success.

Staff Development/Structure
Draw out the talent, clarify roles and responsibilities, create a high-performing organization

Constituent Relations/Community Engagement
Ground your work in an authentic understanding and involvement of the people most directly affected by the change you are working to create in the world.

Training for a wide variety of work units and organizations
  • Advocacy/Grassroots Organizing
    Understand the importance of building power to influence public policy and make institutional and cultural change; know effective strategies and legal limits for nonprofits. Know how to plan and work the plan, including collaborations/coalitions.
  • Cultural Competency
    Deepen your knowledge and resource base about the far-reaching impact of cultural dynamics in the workplace and in the community. Take your relationships to a 21st century level with a greater consciousness and practical tools.

  • Fundraising/Resource Development
    Make money! Make change! Find the right mix of values-based strategies to fuel your efforts.

  • Volunteer Engagement
    Identify, attract, and retain volunteer talent that will increase your capacity to reach your goals.

Social Enterprise

Brigette Rouson is a life strategist, visionary and spiritually based activist. For more than 25 years, she has worked to create liberation and healing through social ventures. Brigette is part of the trio that conceived the “Change Your Life Anyway!” Virtual Telesummit.

She focuses on building personal and public will for a world where all people have the resources and opportunities to lead healthy lives. An attorney and author, Brigette brings experience from six careers; her current work includes consulting to public interest organizations, teaching, action research, writing, and advocacy.

In creating a new life path beyond a marriage of 21 years – and marrying anew -- Brigette revitalized her commitment to intimate partnering, motherhood, extended family, and collective well being. She continually focuses on seeking justice for all people -- women, people of color, youth, and other groups – in support of a vibrant, just society and sustainable planet. Her signature approach is connecting inner transformation to social change.

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